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WageDay Advance (FlexAdvance)

About the lender - a member of our panel
Wageday Advance is an online lender that offers customers the opportunity to borrow short term or installment loans. The company has been operating since 2004 and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. As well as traditional payday loans, Wageday Advance offers a flexible installment loan over a period of 18 months.

Wageday Advance

As a lender WageDay Advance is committed to responsible lending, which means making sure that it is only lending to people who can afford to make the repayments on the money that they borrow. Part of this commitment is making sure that all aspects of the loan are explained up front and that customers are clear from the start about what is involved in borrowing the money. Wageday Advance makes its lending decisions based on the borrower and not just on a credit rating, as the organisation believes this is a better way to assess whether or not someone can afford the money they are looking to borrow.

Wageday Advance FlexAdvance

FlexAdvance is an 18 month installment loan that is offered by Wageday Advance to anyone who is looking to borrow an amount of between £80 and £750. New customers are limited to a maximum of £350 for the first loan but this can be increased where you have built a good credit history with Wageday Advance. The amount that you decide to borrow will determine how much you need to repay. Each repayment includes the amount of the loan that is being repaid as well as the interest due for the month too.

Applying for FlexAdvance

You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for FlexAdvance and you need to have a UK bank account as well as being in full time employment. Your wages from your job must be paid into your bank account. These are the basic conditions for being able to qualify for a FlexAdvance loan but there may also be some questions to answer about your income and expenditure, which will help Wageday Advance make a decision about whether they are the right lender for you. When you apply for a short term loan with us your application will automatically be shown to WageDay Advance. If you qualify for their FlexAdvance loan then the money is usually transferred to your account within three days. There is also the option of an express transfer for a fee of £15.


FlexAdvance loans are repaid over a period of 18 months on a monthly basis. There is no charge to repay a loan early so if your circumstances change and you want to clear the debt because you have the cash to do so then this is simple to arrange. If you decide to repay the loan at a point that is earlier than 18 months then you only pay for the amount of time that you borrowed the loan – this is the flexible element of the FlexAdvance loan that makes it so popular with anyone who isn’t looking for a rigid short term installment loan.

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