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Sunny Loans

About the lender (A member of our panel)
Sunny is an online short term loans lender that prides itself on being different to many others in the industry. It’s aim is to provide consumers with the kind of financing that suits their lives with an approach that is transparent, flexible and offers access to credit when it’s really needed.

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Sunny Loans

Sunny provides flexible repayment options and aims to help people manage their money better through a combination of providing better interest rates in certain situations and giving advice and guidance through a series of financial health videos and tools. You can borrow up to £500 with sunny for a period of up to five months. Sunny is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Line of Credit Loans

Sunny offers a type of short term loan called a line of credit loan. This is halfway house between a credit card and a more rigid installment loan. Instead of borrowing a fixed amount that is paid in a single lump sum and then repaid in set installments, with Sunny the loan is much more flexible. When you apply for a Sunny loan, if the application is approved, then you will be given a credit limit. You can borrow up to this credit limit, as you like, whether you want to just borrow a small amount and save the rest for another time, or you need to borrow the whole amount in one go. This flexibility means that if you change your mind about the amount you want to borrow after you’ve made your application then you can control how much you owe. The company also provides a five day cooling off period and if you want to return the money that you borrowed and cancel the loan during that time then that’s easy to do.

Repayment with Sunny

With Sunny borrowers have up to five months to repay the money that they use but the Sunny Flexipay system means that you can change the way you make the repayments if you need to. Payments can be made over one to five months and it’s easy to repay early if you want to clear the loan before the end of the five-month period. The more repayments are made earlier on, the less interest there is to pay.

Sunny Rates and no hidden fees

The lender has designed a points programme which means that you can earn points that translate to lower interest rates. Over time borrowers can build a score through making repayments on time, taking a mini quiz and watching the Sunny financial health videos and this could translate to a 2% drop in the interest rate. Sunny only charges interest for the money that is borrowed, there are no hidden costs to deal with. You won’t be charged a fee to make the application, if you need to rollover your loan or even if you miss a payment because Sunny don’t charge any fees at all.

When you make an application for a short term loan with us your application will automatically be shown to Sunny to see if they might be a good fit as a lender for you. If you’re approved for a Sunny loan then you could receive the cash within as little as 15 minutes.

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