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Pounds To Pocket loans

About the lender (A member of our panel)
Pounds to Pocket was launched in 2010 and is an online short term lender offering loans of between six and 12 months. This lender is very focused on helping hardworking people fulfill their financial responsibilities with trustworthy credit and has twice been a Credit Today Finalist for Alternative Lender of the Year in 2012 and 2013. As a lender they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and they are an organisation that follows all applicable lending rules and regulations.

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Borrowing with Pounds to Pocket

Pounds To Pocket offers one type of product – short term loans of between six and 12 months that are repaid in regular monthly installments with a fixed interest rate. The lender has a developed the Pounds To Pocket LoanBuilder that allows customers to calculate up front exactly how much interest they will pay on whatever the amount borrowed and how much the regular repayments will be. It’s also possible to use this to decide how much each monthly repayment will be to make sure that the loan is affordable.

With Pounds To Pocket you can borrow up to £2,000. The interest that you pay to borrow the money will depend on how much you decide to borrow and what the payment dates are.

No hidden fees

Pounds To Pocket is one lender that doesn’t charge any hidden fees. Unlike some lenders they don’t charge fees to make a loan application and there is no annual fee, no fee to draw the loan down (i.e. where the money is transferred into your bank account), no charge if you decide to repay the money early and no fast funding fee either. If you miss a payment then the lender will charge you £12 per missed payment but other than that there are no Pounds To Pocket fees to pay to borrow the money.


Pounds to Pocket offers borrowers the opportunity to choose both the total amount of the loan and the repayment amount – this will determine how many repayments need to be made in order to fully repay the loan. Repayments can be made by setting up a direct debit for regular repayments to be taken directly from a bank account or using a debit card so that the scheduled repayments are taken from the debit card instead.

Making an application

You need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for a loan with Pounds To Pocket, as well as a UK resident with a valid bank account. To match with this lender you will also need to have income through employment or self-employment. Pounds To Pocket carries out a number of affordability tests to ensure that you’re only borrowing money that you can afford to repay and your income will be a key part of this. Pounds To Pocket is one of the lenders that we work with and when you make an application with us it will automatically be shown to Pounds To Pocket to see if you are a good borrowing match. This lender can provide a fast response and is able to transfer the cash within 10 minutes of loan approval.

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