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FlexCredit Loan Ping Tree explained

Here you will find some information on how our loan ping tree is built.

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What is a Loan Ping Tree?

When customer applies for a loan on one of our websites, based on a set of rules, e.g. what type of loan it is, loan amount, employment type, etc, the system puts a list of lenders together to show the lead to. This process is referred to as the ping tree. Once the ping tree has been put together, the system looks at the business rules of the lenders on the ping tree as defined by them.

The lead is shown to the first lender campaign on the ping tree. If this campaign accepts the lead conditionally, they pay us for the lead and we no longer send it down the tree. If this campaign does not accept the lead, it goes to the next campaign on the tree. This is done until we find a lender willing to accept the lead. Once the lead has been accepted by a lender, the customer is redirected to the lender’s website and the lender takes over the processing of the application.

If a lender cannot be found in the pingtree process, for the application, the customer is the sent to an exit page where other related and perhaps more suitable offers can be. If the customer is unemployed, on benefits fails to meet the basic criteria for a loan, the application is not sent down the ping tree and redirected directly to the exit page, where no further lending options are available to him/her.

To make sure our pingree is fully compliant and trustworthy, we only work with reputable lenders and do not send our leads to any other broker. We carefully monitor our lenders to make sure they don’t sell our leads on to any other brokers or fee charging brokers. We do not sell our leads to any data monetization companies, again, to make sure we keep our customers safe and our data under control.

In terms of technology, a Loan Ping Tree in a complex decision engine which takes into account many factors when ordering lenders. There are a few layers that decide which lenders a lead will see.

  • The first layer will automatically reject some leads which fail basic criteria for example if they are on benefits or unemployed.
  • The second layer considers the product type (e.g. according to loan duration) which can dictate which lenders will see the lead.
  • The third layer is the filtering subsystem which matches a lead with lender criteria according to many factors such as loan amount, loan duration, time of day, day in the week, salary range, ratio of salary to loan, age, employer industry, payday frequency, debit card types. Each lender would have their own criteria and it will also differ for every tier they have with us so for example one tier would accept salary ranges from £900 upwards and another tier for lower net monthly incomes.

Another important factor is the marketing source of the lead which can be filtered and weighted in terms of statisical quality and past performance.

That’s it in a nutshell. Hope it makes sense.

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