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Onstride Loans

About the lender (A member of our panel)
Onstride provides personal loans that have a term of between one and three years. It is part of a publicly traded company that has been providing financial services to customers for more than 29 years. Onstride puts an emphasis on straightforward and trustworthy credit that is designed to help hardworking people to fulfill their financial responsibilities and improve their lives. The lender is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and follows all the rules and regulations of the industry.

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Onstride Loans

Onstride loans are available to borrow for a period of between one and three years. Different interest rates are offered depending on the eligibility of the customer and which rate should be applied is decided on the basis of the information provided by a borrower in the loan application. Loans are available in amounts between £1,000 and £5,000. The advantage of these longer-term loans is that there is less pressure to start making repayments straight away. Unlike really short term loans, such as payday loans, there is no requirement to repay the entire loan in one go and payments are instead spread out over the term that you choose. Essentially, this means that you can choose between a short term 12 month loan or a longer term two or three year loan.

Onstride Repayment and no hidden fees

The amount of the repayment is determined by the size of the loan and the length of time in which you want to repay it. Onstride prides itself on not charging customers any hidden fees; in fact the lender doesn’t charge any fees at all, not even for late payment of loan installments. So there are no arrangement fees when you apply for the loan and all you will pay to borrow the money is the interest on the loan. This also means that you can repay your loan early at any time and you won’t be charged a fee to do it, so if your circumstances change and you want to clear the debt a few months (or years) early then it’s very simple to do.

Making an application

To be eligible to apply for an Onstride loan you need to be at least 18 years of age and a UK resident with a valid UK bank account that has a debit card attached to it. You must be employed and receiving a regular pay cheque and you may need to provide some information to the lender, such as proof of income or residence.

When you make an application with us Onstride will be one of the lenders shown your details in order to decide whether they are the right borrower for you. You’ll be able to see straight away how much you can apply to borrow and Onstride is a fast lender in terms of making decisions on applications. If your application is approved then you will receive the money on the same day (Monday to Friday only).

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