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Looking for a 3-18 month loan to spread out your finances?

Are you looking for a short term loan over 3-18 months? If so, with flexcredit we could find you just the loan you need. sou can spread your repayments to give you a little extra breathing space. We work with a panel of lenders who offer loans from 3 to 18 months and can be quite flexible with repayment terms

Applying for 3-18 month loans with FlexCredit

With FlexCredit lenders, you can spread your loan out for up to 18 months if you wish to, as the lenders we work with cover a range of options. All you need to do is fill in your application with the amount you’re looking for and the length of time you’d like to repay over. If your application is accepted, you can apply to repay the loan in three months or in any time up to 18 months. You’ll earn more interest the longer you borrow for, but you will have lower monthly repayments as a result.

If you wish, you can also repay earlier than your repayment schedule states. This means you’ll pay less interest as well, so the total amount you’ll repay will be lower. Because the payment schedule is set up when your loan is approved, you will need to contact the lender to repay earlier.

How to apply for a 3-18 month loan?

You can apply through FlexCredit if you’re employed, and a UK resident who is aged over 18 with a UK bank account. It should only take a few minutes to fill in our application form, and once you’ve done that, we’ll forward your information to the lenders that we work with. You’ll receive a fast decision, and if approved, you’ll be forwarded to the lender in order to confirm your loan.

With FlexCredit, we will try to match you with the closest loan option you have opted for. In some cases you may need a guarantor to back your loan while other lenders may offer you a line of credit which you may use to dip in an out according to when you need the cash. Even though the terms and conditions are slightly different, essentially you are getting a similar solurion that will allow you to spread the cost of your loan over time. You may even be offered the ability to borrow larger amounts with some lenders, especially if you can provide some sort of guarantee/guarantor for you loan.

If you are not happy with the loan offer that we find for you, you will be under absolutely no obligation to accept it. And because we’re a non-charging broker, you won’t be trapped into any payments.

In some cases, you may need to provide some extra paperwork, such as confirmation of employment, but this can usually be scanned and emailed in order to keep the process as fast as possible.

*Not all of our lenders offer same day service